When it comes to letting us guide you through the many options from a simple single white mat to elegant fabric mats or beautiful hand-painted french mat. We choose to use what is referred to as conservation or archival mats for the majority of our framing. These matboards are a blend of purified cellulose fiber that has been treated to remove lignin, acid, and other impurities to make them acid-free and safe for contact with the artwork. These mats also incorporate a method to help protect the work from airborne pollution that can attack artwork. Our other choice for matboard is referred to as museum or rag mats. These mats, as to name implies, are made from cotton fibers and are naturally acid-free and safe for artwork. The difference is that museum mats are a solid color all the way through so the cut bevel on the inside of the mat opening is the same color as the mat surface  Conservation mat bevels are pure white. We use museum mats where this solid color is preferred or the client requests this more traditional material.

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